Our Services

Our Services

Pitik Technology

We provide full-stack farm management systems to support all Kawan Pitik members in their day-to-day activities in the farm and also enables farmers to independently achieve higher operations yield. Our technology allows farmers to obtain real-time insights from the farm, enabling them to perform real-time decision intervention and mitigate issues quicker.

Mobile Apps

Pitik Digital Assistant enables easier monitoring of farm conditions and streamlined management of farming activities supported by our Pitik Farm Algorithm to enhance your farm efficiency

Day-to-Day Task Management

Tailored best practice recommendations to optimize chicken growth based on farm infrastructure and chicken conditions

Pitik Farm Algorithm

Smart algorithm to optimize production yield, detect potential issues in the farm, and facilitate instant decision interventions to improve farm efficiency

Smart Dashboard

Real time monitoring of farm condition through our  IoT devices and summarized insights from actual farm performance

Smart Climate IoT

Connected sensors and IoT devices installed throughout the farm to facilitate easier monitoring and instant decision intervention

Real-time farm monitoring

Monitor key variables that affect chicken growth: thermal comfort, ammonia, lighting conditions, etc.

Early warning system

Assisted by Pitik Farm Algorithm, our technology enables instantaneous detection of farm issues and recommends tailored solutions to mitigate the issues

Chicken Off-take

Pitik off-takes all chicken harvest from your farm at a competitive price and a transparent payment scheme

Competitive pricing and transparent scheme

  • Pitik ensures competitive chicken prices to maintain your farm profitability
  • Detailed summary of harvest performance and profit sharing scheme

Guaranteed payment in 7 working days

Wondering when your payment will be transferred to you? We guarantee payment in 7 working days after the last day of harvest

Farm Inputs Supply

We provide access to high-quality farm inputs delivered to your farm in each production cycle

High-quality inputs from reputable suppliers

  • We only work with the most trustworthy DOC, feed, and medicine suppliers in Indonesia to ensure product quality
  • We also aim to implement a strict QC process using our farm technology to increase consistency of quality in every batch

Streamlined logistics

All farm inputs from Pitik are delivered straight to your farm when you need them, no need to stress about logistics arrangement

Use now pay later

All Kawan Pitik members do not need to pay cash when using our farm inputs, we will deduct the expense at the end of the cycle after harvest is completed

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About Pitik?

Kawan Pitik members are poultry farmers who are already part of Pitik ecosystem and enjoying all the benefits from Pitik

Pitik provides end-to-end commercial and technology support for all broiler production activities, ranging from the farm inputs procurement, farm management technology, and broiler chicken sales.

Please contact us here to become Kawan Pitik

  • Higher and more stable income , ample financing support, as well as fair incentives scheme in the commercial agreements. At the end of each production cycle, every Kawan Pitik member will receive a comprehensive report of production revenues and performance.
  • High quality of farm inputs from selected suppliers. We employ strict quality control of farm inputs with our technology.
  • Access to full-stack farm management systems that helps increase farm productivity. Our connected sensors enables real-tim monitoring of farm condition and instant issues identification on the ground. On top of that, our mobile application also helps farmers manage day-to-day activities on the ground.
  • Optimum farm yield through data-driven management SOP and supported with our AI-assisted farm algorithm. Our experienced farm experts are also ready to support critical troubleshooting on the ground 24/7

We provide digital farm management technology that has been proven to improve farm efficiency for every poultry farmer in Indonesia, regardless of farm size or infrastructure. On top of that we believe in empowering farmers through fair and transparent business model that ensures the welfare of our Kawan Pitik farmers. Unlike other companies, we provide comprehensive report in every production cycle and guarantees on-time payment for harvest proceeds.

There are no special requirements to become a Kawan Pitik, we welcome everyone who want to work with us

Of course you can! We have a management SOP that has been tested to improve farm performance and the our farm experts are ready to provide hands-on support on the ground to ensure you are able to kick-start your poultry journey with us.

We have several technologies that can be utilized as Kawan Pitik member:

  • Farm IoT (Internet of Things) technology: Connected sensors and IoT devices that are installed throughout the farm for real-time monitoring
  • Pitik Farm Algorithm:  AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted technology to optimize production yield, detect potential issues in the farm, and facilitate instant decision interventions to improve farm efficiency
  • Pitik Digital Assistant: Mobile application to assist day-to-day task management on the ground with early warning systems and smart performance dashboard

Of course, Kawan Pitik will receive hands-on support from our farm experts, who will help provide training and direction to Kawan Pitik in terms of using our farm systems technology. We will ensure that you are comfortable in using all our technology and able to independently manage  your farms efficiently.

Pitik Digital Assistant is designed specifically for Kawan Pitik members only, register yourself as Kawan Pitik member and we will reach out to onboard you in our ecosystem.